Writing is art created with words.  Just as stories are told by art, words give birth to pictures and images, whether fiction or reality.  Having a Bachelor's Degree in English, I have had the privilege of seeing this manifested in my studies of many works, as well as editing for others, including my most recent project - a Christmas tale entitled, The Glitter Keeper by Stacey Lytle.  Although I love to write, I also love to help others polish their literary works and offer this service as another of my skills.  Certainly contact me if you are in need of an editor for a one-page article, a business letter, or a volume the size of War and Peace.  I've done fiction and non-fiction books from 80 pages to 500 pages, as well as public statements and newsletters.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions.  I give estimates up front for any editing job.


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