Artist Bio

I never thought of marketing my art until recently, because it’s always been a part of every day life for me.  It is expressed in so many of my daily tasks, that to view it as separate was not my idea, but my husband's.  Whether he really loves my art or just wants to retire better, I can't say, but the idea of sharing something uplifting beyond the walls of my own home appealed to me.

I have often taken art classes, had some wonderful teachers and even entered art contests, all while thinking it was a "nice thing to do now and then," and not focusing on where a place in a contest could take me.  I can't remember ever being so young that I was not doing some sort of artistic project, so an activity that was so second-nature seemed almost laughable in comparison to considering a profession. 

When my husband and I bought our first house, I didn’t hesitate to take brush in hand and create murals on nearly every wall and even some ceilings. My kids were more upset about leaving those murals when we moved than they were about leaving the house, because I had created something personal for them.

I have decided to share my passion with others through this website that can reach beyond the walls of my home or community. As humans I think we desire to somehow create, and it is definitely one of my greatest joys.

My daughter, Jesse, has also had a love for art since she was a toddler. She has created some wonderful charcoal renderings to share with you.

Please feel free to peruse her current work in the Charcoal Gallery.


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