About the Art

For me, art has to come from the heart, as clichéd as that sounds. All of the artists that I love have painted that way, even when it was considered unacceptable. I love how they “did their own thing,” in spite of adversity and challenges. Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Giotto, and Gauguin are just a few I’ve come to admire for their determination and commitment to paint from the heart. They were true to themselves, and it shows in their work.

I paint with acrylics mostly on canvas, gessobord or birch board. Certain scenes inspire everyone, but for me, nature attracts me again and again. I find myself painting sunsets and landscapes full of texture and substance with rich colors and dynamic shades, lots of paint and swift, intense brush strokes. There is an abstract quality to my paintings, and what I like to call an element of “imperfection.” This “imperfection” is purposeful—I see the perfection in the imperfections, and recognize that this is often what makes a scene real.

Hopefully, some of my love for the world around us is expressed in my painting. I have titles for each of my paintings, but it is my intention that everyone see the images with their own perspective. 

Every painting was painted for someone--and when that someone finds the painting or paintings that gives them something they’ve been missing, they’ll recognize that. The paintings are made whole by the purchaser—the missing element. There is a synergistic relationship between the painting and the person who buys it. The painting is not complete without its owner, and the owner becomes more complete with the painting. I believe there is something here for you, and just as these creations bring me joy, I truly wish to share that joy with you. 

Please enjoy my daughter's--Jesse's--charcoal drawings while you’re here in addition to the other art. Her expressions are another wonderful gift I’m grateful to be able to share.


Thank you for visiting,

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